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PEI | How to Operate your Heat Pump in Extreme Cold

Operating a heat pump in extreme cold | Government of Prince Edward Island

Strong winds and extreme cold weather conditions are expected overnight and into the weekend.

Heat pumps are very efficient at heating and cooling most of the time. Many of today’s heat pumps will operate in temperatures as low as -30°C, however some heat pumps may have trouble producing enough heat to maintain room temperature when outside temperatures drop below -30°C.

If Island residents have trouble keeping their home warm this weekend using a heat pump alone, they should use their supplemental heating system (such as electric resistance or oil/propane heating systems), along with their heat pump to help stay warm. People do not need to turn their heat pumps off.  

Residents should make sure their supplemental home heating systems are on and operating. Set the thermostats to a degree or two lower than heat pumps. This will ensure that if heat pumps cannot keep up in the extreme cold, the supplemental heating systems will kick in and make up the difference to keep their home warm.

If it’s safe to do so, remove any snow and ice build-up from the outdoor unit. For advice on your specific heat pump model, contact the installer or manufacturer.