How PACE Saves

We are designing and launching new Residential and Commercial PACE programming in 2021. PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) was pioneered in 2011 by our Co-Founders Julian Boyle and Bruce Cameron. PACE provides a low-cost means of securing payments against a property similar to Local Improvement Charges. We are creating unique third-party administration and financing structures that allow PACE to be operated at no cost to municipalities.

PACE addresses an important barrier in accelerating the adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy. However, our programs are successful not only because of innovative financing but the ability to make it easy for consumers. With a concierge concept, we can provide unbiased technical and program advice to make upgrades simple.

National Recognition

Our team members have been continually recognized as national leaders in PACE program implementation.

Watch the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Award video on Halifax’s Solar City Program – the first PACE program launched in Canada by our President, Julian Boyle, and our Manager of Energy Concierges, Stefan Tylak.